Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up?

  • View your account balance(s).
  • Manage your account.
  • Make a deposit.
  • And more.


Why do I need a HawkCard?  

  • University ID Card (Proof of association with the University, both campuses)
  • Residence Hall Access Card
  • Meal Plan/Dining Dollar Card (both campuses)
  • Purple Point Debit Card (both campuses)
  • University Library Card (both campuses)
  • Textbook Rental Card (both campuses)
  • Admission to UW-W Athletic Events (both campuses)
  • UW-W Fitness Center ID Card (with paid membership)


What should I do if I need a replacement HawkCard?  HawkCards are replaced at the HawkCard Office at UW-W or the Solutions Center at UW-W @ URock during regular business hours. The cost to replace your card is $25, paid for with cash, check, Purple Points, credit card, or added to your student bill. After replacement, all previous cards will no longer be valid and should be returned to the HawkCard Office.

What should I do if my HawkCard is lost or stolen?   Report your lost HawkCard immediately to the HawkCard Office or the Solutions Center at UW-W @ URock or any University Dining Cashier. You will be responsible for all funds spent on your card prior to notification of the lost card. See Terms and Conditions for more information. Reporting your card lost will prevent unauthorized use of your HawkCard at all locations. There is no charge for this service. You can also suspend the use of your card by going to this "Online HawkCard Office" and following the directions to suspend your card. This action will temporarily block the use of your HawkCard. If you should find your HawkCard, you must visit the HawkCard Office in order to reactivate it. There is no charge for this service. If your HawkCard must be replaced due to loss or theft, you will be assessed a $25 fee.

What should I do if my HawkCard is damaged?  HawkCards must be properly cared for to ensure quality usage. It is recommended that your HawkCard be carried in a protective holder or wallet at all times. Please keep your HawkCard away from all magnetic fields that may demagnetize your card, making it invalid. Do not leave your card on or near a TV, stereo, microwave, or other electromagnetic equipment. Decoded cards will not be readable and will require replacement at the HawkCard Office or the Solutions Center at UW-W @ URock. Do not punch holes in your card. This can make your card un-usable in any reader. Should your card show signs of excessive wear or abuse (e.g., sent through the laundry, scratched magnetic strip, cracked or broken surface), it must be replaced. You will be charged a $25 replacement fee.

Why isn't my HawkCard working properly?  Occasionally, a card reader may be unable to read the magnetic strip on the back of your ID. Most often, the magnetic strip has become damaged or decoded. If your card reads "invalid" by the card reader, access to your Meal Plan, Dining Dollars, and/or Purple Points will be denied. If your card reads "Lost/Stolen" or "L/S", the cashier is authorized to confiscate and retain your card. If any of the above occurs or you experience any other problems with your card, please visit the HawkCard Office (UC 250) or the Solutions Center at UW-W @ URock. Damaging or altering your HawkCard is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, punching holes in your ID or affixing stickers to the card.

What should I do if my HawkCard won't let me into my residence hall?  You need to go to the HawkCard Office, UC 250, with your HawkCard.

How long does it take to get a replacement HawkCard?  It takes just a few minutes. you fill out a form and your card can be printed and ready to go within a minute or two.

Do I need to get a new HawkCard every year?  No. The HawkCard is valid continuously as long as a student is enrolled. If a returning student has not been enrolled for over one year a new card is issued free of charge.